What are the current visa regulations?

There is no visa requirement for citizens of the Republic of Ireland and Commonwealth countries with the exception of citizens from Antigua, Bermuda, Guyana, India, South Africa (for visitors staying more than 30 days), Sri Lanka and United Kingdom.

Visa is also not required from citizens of Ethiopia, San Marino, Turkey, Eritrea and Uruguay. Citizens of the following countries need to have a visa prior to arrival in Kenya Afghanistan, Somali, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Mali, Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen, Cameroon, Pakistan, North Korea. Whereas visas can be obtained at the Airport upon arrival, it is advisable to obtain the visa from the Kenyan Embassies/High Commissions abroad prior to departure. Where applicable, visa fees are as follows: - Transit Visa = US$20 per person Single Entry Visa= US$50 for three months (extendable for a similar period) Multiple Entry Visa= US$100 – valid

If you are intending to have a multi-destination tour within East Africa, you are advised to request for the "Visitors Pass" upon arrival at the Airport. The purpose of the Visitors Pass is to allow free re-entry to Kenya if you are travelling to the other East African countries (Uganda, Tanzania/Zanzibar). You will still however require to pay visa charges for the other countries.

The Visitors Pass is stamped on the passport free of charge for full visa holders.

Where can I get a visa form?
You can obtain visa forms from the Kenyan High Commission in your country, or simply

How much does a safari cost?

The cost of a safari vary depending on what kind of safari you wish to undertake e.g. luxury, budget, economy, etc. send us an enquiry mail for details of specific or general packages and their cost

Do I have to pay a deposit for my safari and how much? What mode of payment should I use e.g. credit card, travellers cheque, etc?

It is common practice to have all costs paid for prior to commencement of the safari, as the Tour Operator has to make certain commitments to secure bookings, accommodation, flights, etc.

What is the security situation in Kenya?
Kenya tends to be quite secure for tourists especially within the tourist circuits. You do however need to observe the basic precautions i.e. avoid walking in dark/isolated areas at night, do not wear flashy jewellery, avoid carrying valuables around, etc.

What are the weather patterns in Kenya?/What is the best time to visit the National parks and Game Reserves in Kenya?

We have long rains in April and May and the short rains in November. However these are not confined to the months allocated.

We have three (3) distinct tourist seasons:

High Season; this is between July-September, December-March. The weather is dry and the roads are accessible to the various Game Parks and National Reserves.

Low Season; April-June. Long rains are experienced about this time. Should you wish to travel at this time, please consult your Tour Operator accordingly e.g. what kind of vehicle to use.

Shoulder Season; October-November. Short rains can be experienced at this time.